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Turtle Foundation Newsletter November/December 2017

Dear Friends and supporters of the Turtle Foundation,

As usual at end of the year, we provide you a brief project review in our annual PDF newsletter, which you will find attached to this e-mail.

However, we would like to point out the following topics in particular:

  • The sale of the tickets for our big annual Turtle Foundation Raffle has just begun. Thirty-one valuable prizes in the form of trips and diving equipment worth over 30,000 Euros / 35,000 Swiss Franks / 36,000 US Dollar are waiting for their winners! Since the number of tickets is limited to 300 pieces, one in ten tickets will be a winner! In any case, the endangered sea turtles will win, because all proceeds from the raffle will directly go into our conservation projects. We would like to take this opportunity to again express our sincere thanks to our prize sponsors! You will find more information about the prizes and the online ordering form for the tickets on our website at https://www.turtle-foundation.org/en/tf-raffle/.
  • If you live in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, in the South of Germany or in the west of Austria, or if you happen to be just around the corner: The Turtle Foundation will have its own booth at the Christmas market in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, this year from Friday, 8 December to Sunday, 10 December. We are again selling our popular turtle Christmas cookies! Come by for a chat, we would be very happy to meet you personally!

Of course, you can also help the endangered sea turtles with your donation:

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The PDF newsletter is also available for download under this link: Download Newsletter

Portrait Dr. Hiltrud Cordes

Thank you very much for your support!

On behalf of the Turtle Foundation, I wish you a happy Christmas season and I hope you enjoy reading our newsletter!

Dr. Hiltrud Cordes
Program Director of the Turtle Foundation