Turtle Foundation in Boa Vista island just finished setting the second of its three sea turtle protection base camps, and has officially started its season.

This year TF will protect the beaches of Curral Velho, Lacacão, Boa Esperança, Norte and Canto, ensuring that most of the nesting beaches along the north, northeast and south of the island are protected against poaching. The first camp to be set up was the one located in Lacacão beach, where the new RIU Touareg opened just a few weeks ago, and the new construction phase is due to start anytime soon. Additionally, TF will fund the local initiative Projecto “Varandinha – Povoação Velha”. With the work of TF, this group and Natura 2000, we are hoping that about 90% of the nesting beaches are fully protected, which is great news!

(Originally posted/written by Joana Hancock)