Read more in a recent article of ProFauna, one of the largest Indonesian nature conservation organisations:
Article of ProFauna

Turtle eggs are sold at high prizes in Samarinda, the provincial capital of East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia. As indicated in the article and known to us from other sources, these eggs at least partly come from the Berau district in East Borneo, where the local government ceased our successful turtle protection programme on the Island of Sangalaki.

Confiscation of smuggled turtle eggs and prosecution of the perpetrators are important steps to demonstrate that turtle egg trading is illegal and most detrimental for the survival of the sea turtles. However, it is of paramount importance to stop turtle egg trade already where it begins, and this is egg poaching on the nesting beaches!

Please help us to convince the Indonesian government and nature agencies to reinstate effective protection of the sea turtles and their nests on the Island of Sangalaki. We just reached 500 signatures for our petition. Let’s reach 10.000!

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Petition Save the Sea Turtles of Sangalaki

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