Volunteering in sea turtle conservation on Boa Vista, Cabo Verde

Spend the “summer of your life”!
Volunteering in sea turtle conservation on Boa Vista, Cabo Verde!

Nesting season / working period: 15th of June – 31st of October

Our loggerhead sea turtle protection program on Boa Vista heavily relies on the commitment of international and Cape Verdean volunteers working in our field stations at the beaches. Anyone who is open-minded and enthusiastic about sea turtle conservation and fulfills some basic requirements is welcome to apply for volunteering in our project! Despite helping to save an endangered species from extinction, volunteering for sea turtle conservation provides unique, rewarding experiences that can change your life. Volunteering with us on Boa Vista is affordable and your contribution will fully benefit our conservation project.

Detailed information about our volunteer program is available in our GENERAL INFORMATION document (PDF). Please download this document and read it carefully before you apply! The document contains all what you should know about our project, your duties and responsibilities as a team member, local living conditions, etc.

Further, this PACKING LIST (PDF) provides you with more detailed information about necessary equipment for your stay. All volunteers will participate at their own risk. Please read our RISK WAIVER (PDF) carefully. Successfull applicants will be asked to sign this risk waiver upon arrival on Boavista.

For your application, please use the online volunteer application form you find below.

Prior to applying

Before you decide to apply you should be sure that you can answer the following questions with a clear and honest “YES”:

  • Did you carefully read our General Information document?
  • Are you at least 18 years?
  • Are you aware that …
    • … working as a volunteer in the field can be very hard and time consuming?
    • … while your work to protect and preserve sea turtles will certainly be educational, interesting, and exciting at times, and always rewarding, volunteer work can also be tedious, repetitive, and boring sometimes?
    • … our work will often be carried out under difficult and uncomfortable conditions (e.g., marching through the sand at night, in the heat, mosquitoes)?
    • … there won’t be much free time besides work and that you will miss out on sleep?
    • … you will live in basic shared accommodation (shared tent in campsites), and you will spend your nights at the nesting beaches (you can rest in a tent in your free time)?
    • … food uses local ingredients, is based on local standards, and therefore often repetitive and simple?
    • … you will work and live alongside with young local rangers, who generally do not speak a language other than Portuguese/Creole?
  • Are you willing to pay for your travel costs to the project as well as a daily fee for food and lodging?
  • Are you willing to stay and work for at least two (preferably three or more) weeks with our project?
  • Are you able to converse, receive, and understand instructions in English (our working language) or Portuguese?

If you can’t answer “YES” to all the above questions, it is unlikely we will be able to take you as a volunteer. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The global outbreak of COVID-19 has brought unforeseen circumstances. As an internationally active organisation, we too must adapt to this situation and measures, that may change at any time. Therefore we created this info box, where we will update information about the COVID-19 situation and how it effects our volunteer program.

We are happy to inform you that we managed to restart our volunteer program in the 2021 nesting season successfully and international volunteers were participating again. So for the now starting nesting season 2022 feel free to apply at any time. Your application will be processed as soon as possible.

Cape Verde has set up a page showing the state of Corona on the islands: https://covid19.cv
The flight situation is almost back to “normal” with a number of direct flights.

We look forward to receiving your application and will be happy to answer your questions about the volunteer program.
If you have further questions, please get in touch with us: volunteers@turtle-foundation.org or +49 221 3466 7220

Last updated: 8th of June 2022

Online application form for volunteering in sea turtle conservation

  • Applications for volunteer’s positions can be made for this year’s and the next year’s nesting season (15 June – 31 October).
  • Long term volunteers who want to stay for eight weeks and more are requested to send a CV that can be attached to the application form.
  • Only complete applications will be considered. Thanks for your understanding!

Of course we are respecting the existing data privacy protection regulations. The transmission of your personal data is protected by a secure and encrypted SSL/HTTPS connection from being accessed by third parties. Please also read our privacy policy.

Fields indicated with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

01 Personal details

Minimum age 18 years!

02 Residence
03 Passport information

Required for visa application

Exactly as in passport!

Exactly as in Passport!

04 Emergency contact

E.g., parents or partner

05 Skills
06 Language skills
07 About you
08 Desired period of commitment

!!! IMPORTANT!!! Minimum time 2 weeks! Volunteer assignments are only possible between the 15th of June until the 31st of October!

09 Preferences

During their stay, volunteers will be allocated to one of the projects, but if needed, they may be requested to shift to another beach. Allocations will be based primarily on project needs, but staff will try to respect volunteer preferences and individual skills.

For an additional fee of € 5 per night, we offer a place to sleep in a spacious tent for two people, equipped with comfortable stretchers and mosquito nets (cannot be guaranteed due to the limited number of places; first come first serve).

10 Please upload your curriculum vitae and photo

(CV and photo are obligatory for long term volunteers only)

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11 Source of information
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If you experience any troubles with the online volunteer application form or you are not sure if the form was sent correctly, please drop us a message to volunteers@turtle-foundation.org (or just use the email button). Thanks!