Turtle Foundation no “Minuto Verde” / Turtle Foundation on the “Minuto Verde”

Na semana passada, recebemos a visita da equipa da QUERCUS, maior associação ambiental de Portugal, para a gravação de um episódio de sua rubrica televisiva "Minuto Verde", exibida todos os dias úteis no programa Bom Dia Portugal, da RTP1. Sara Campos, João Luís Azevedo e Francisco Ferreira estiveram connosco na praia da Boa Esperança, onde [...]

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Volunteering and Internship Opportunities

Dear friends of the Turtle Foundation, On the Capeverdian Islands nesting season of the Loggerhead sea turtle will start again very soon. That’s also the time when our beach patrols on Boavista will be urgently needed. We wouldn’t be able to conduct our successful conservation work without the help of international VOLUNTEERS. We are now [...]

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Photo of the day from Boavista

As nesting season in Boavista gets closer, here is a photo (by Julie Walmsley, our Boa Esperanca camp coordinator) from last year. Doesn't it make you want to be there? You can still apply to be a volunteer this summer for Turtle Foundation! See our website www.turtle-foundation.org for details.

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Brenna and Stephanie – the future of turtle conservation

Brenna and Stephanie are cousins and best friends, and they love turtles. The 11-year old girls donated the proceeds from their fundraising efforts to Turtle Foundation, and sent in these letters and drawings showing their dedication to turtle conservation. They hope to open their own sea turtle rescue facility when they get older. Turtle Foundation [...]

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Procura-se: Coordenador de Acampamento

Perfil do candidato: A posição do coordenador do acampamento iria servir um indivíduo ambicioso que pretende exercer uma carreira na conservação das tartarugas marinhas. O candidato trabalhará sob a supervisão directa do Coordenador do Projecto, mas deverá mas deve ser capaz de gerir o projecto com pouca supervisão. Precisará de um alto nível de energia [...]

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New Turtle Foundation mural painting at the main-place of Sal Rei/ Boa Vista

Looking at the run-down walls of the main square in Sal Rei, we decided it was time to repaint an old mural we had done in 2008 in front of the kid's corner, this time with an image of underwater-sea-life with sea turtles, fish, corals etc to remind everyone of the beauty and importance of [...]

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Turtle Foundation lottery to benefit sea turtles

It’s time again: LOTTERY ON BEHALF OF THE SEA TURTLES – COME JOIN IN Due to the big success of our lottery on behalf of the sea turtles in 2010 and 2011, TURTLE FOUNDATION and SOS Seaturtles (founded by the famous underwater photographer Kurt Amsler) are doing it again this year. This year again 100% [...]

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Radio broadcast in Germany about Turtle Foundation’s Cape Verde project

In September a German journalist was visiting Cape Verde and did a radio broadcast about Turtle Foundation's volunteers working to save the loggerhead turtles. It's only 4 minutes, and it gives a great description of our work and our goals: Give a listen: Radio broadcast about Turtle Foundation (Link to broadcast expired since July 2017)

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