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Hurricane Fred: Beach camps on Boavista again operating

On Monday, 31 August 2015, a hurricane swept over Cape Verde. In the morning hours, on the Island of Boavista the storm reached peak wind speeds of 120–135 km (75–85 miles) per hour. On the southern coast, waves piled up to seven meters above sea level. The safety of our colleagues in the camps of [...]

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Hurricane Fred destroys beach camps on Boavista: A first report

On Monday morning, August 31, a hurricane swept through the islands of Cape Verde. On our project island, Boavista, the storm brought strong winds and heavy rainfall, causing major damage. The airport had to be closed, electricity and internet went down, trees were uprooted and roofs were blown off. As far as we know, fortunately, [...]

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Hurricane Fred destroyed Turtle Foundation’s beach camps on Boavista

A hurricane passed through the Cape Verde Islands on Monday. On Boavista, the camps on Boa Esperanca and Lacacao beach were heavily damaged by the storm, tents were ripped in peaces and metal rods of tents and shadings were crushed. We are very lucky that nobody was injured and everybody is save. Currently we are [...]

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Start of the nesting season on Boavista

(Top image: Carlos controls shade construction) The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere has passed and from now on the nights get longer and the days warmer. In response, the turtles have begun to return from their foraging grounds in West Africa ready to nest in the warm sands of Boa Vista. [...]

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Turtle Foundation seeking Project Coordinator for Cape Verde project

TURTLE FOUNDATION is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization working for the protection and conservation of sea turtles. Since 2008, TURTLE FOUNDATION is implementing a program for the protection of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) on the island Boavista, Cape Verde. TURTLE FOUNDATION is currently seeking a Portuguese speaking Project coordinator. JOB DESCRIPTION: Title of the [...]

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Welcome to Zeddy Seymour, Assistant Project Manager for Cape Verde

Hi Everyone, Meet Zeddy Seymour, our new Assistant Project Manager for our Cape Verde project! In May of this year I will be starting as assistant project manager in the Cape Verde. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you I haven’t met in person. I have been interested in [...]

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First report of olive ridley sea turtle nesting on Boa Vista!

In the morning hours of Sunday, 11 August 2014, our beach patrolling team on the north-west coast of Boavista, Cape Verde, made a sensational discovery: An olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) crawled ashore and started to dig her nest as if this would be the most normal thing in the world. However, this species [...]

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Some impressions from our environmental education and awareness activities from this season

Our crew for a beach clean-up at Estoril beach in Sal Rei   We also did a clean-up activity in the "barracas" - a shanti-town area just outside Sal Rei   More cleaning :) Here in the Ribeira de Rabil   A participant of Turtle Foundation's poetry contest reads her turtle poem to the public [...]

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The rain came – the bridge went…again

On Tuesday night the rainy season finally found us. Hurricane Humberto, who later hit the US coast, was forming and getting angry just a few 100 kilometers off the Cape Verde archipelago. Boavista only received some heavy rain - but enough to take down the improvised bridge, that has been in place since last years [...]

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Happy Birthday Fundação Tartaruga!!!

Since one year now the Turtle Foundation is operating in Cape Verde as a nationally registered and approved charity. We are happy and proud to celebrate our first birthday as " Fundação Tartaruga". Here some pics from our birthday party last weekend at Boa Esperança campsite.      

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