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PROFAUNA News: Sea turtle conservation education at the coasts of Berau

PROFAUNA Borneo and Berau Marine Affairs and Fisheries Service have been busy visiting schools in the coast of Berau to educate students about sea turtle conservation. The programs carried out during October 2016 also involved the Turtle Foundation and its project partner for the implementation of the island protection program, BLB. The education programs are [...]

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PROFAUNA News: Officials seized hundreds of sea turtle shell-based souvenirs from market in Berau, East Kalimantan

Despite being strongly forbidden by law, sea turtle shell-based souvenirs are still widely sold in Berau, especially those made from the Hawksbill Sea Turtle's shell. Our Indonesian partner organization PROFAUNA Borneo investigated Adji Dilayas Market, Berau, East Kalimantan, on 16 October and found eight shops selling large quantities of these illegal souvenirs. The finding was [...]

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Turtle Times: September 2016 newsletter from our team on Boavista, Cape Verde

Here you find the September issue of Turtle Times, the newsletter of our team on Boavista for download. Again, exciting reports about our ongoing project are awaiting you. These are the headlines: MAVA Foundation visits Boa Vista: One of our main partners and sponsors visits our sea turtle conservation project. Rescued Hatchlings: Another sad example [...]

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