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2015 November report from Hana in Indonesia

Finally the rain season started in the beginning of November. We are very happy about it because the rain put an end to a long period of suffering: forest fires, air pollution, and haze struck Sumatra and Kalimantan very hard. The long dry season was also difficult for turtles and rangers: digging holes for the [...]

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With sugar icing and sprinkles for the Turtle Foundation

This Christmas season we are again baking, decorating, and packaging 40 kilos (80 lbs) of chocolate biscuits, gingerbread, jammy dodgers, and other little goodies in the rooms of the Diving Club Bubbles in Schaan, Liechtenstein. The proceeds from the sale of these delicacies, shaped like little turtles, go entirely into the protection projects run by [...]

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