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9-year old makes eco-friendly turtle gifts and helps save turtles

Fabio Scognamiglio is young, creative, and concerned about the earth and its creatures. He makes beautiful turtles from walnut shells and plasticine, and donates a portion of the sales of his home-made gifts to Turtle Foundation, to help us protect and conserve sea turtles. His sister helps, too, making friendship bracelets. We are proud and [...]

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Photo of the Day: Watercolor from “Save Green Sea Turtles”

Sea turtle watercolor. Compliments of "Save Green Sea Turtles!" Check them out on Facebook . Also don't forget, the Turtle Foundation is seeking highly motivated individuals who would like to participate in our sea turtle conservation program for Volunteer and Internship Opportunities at our Boa Vista, Cape Verde project between 15th June and 1st November [...]

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Turtle Foundation no “Minuto Verde” / Turtle Foundation on the “Minuto Verde”

Na semana passada, recebemos a visita da equipa da QUERCUS, maior associação ambiental de Portugal, para a gravação de um episódio de sua rubrica televisiva "Minuto Verde", exibida todos os dias úteis no programa Bom Dia Portugal, da RTP1. Sara Campos, João Luís Azevedo e Francisco Ferreira estiveram connosco na praia da Boa Esperança, onde [...]

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Volunteering and Internship Opportunities

Dear friends of the Turtle Foundation, On the Capeverdian Islands nesting season of the Loggerhead sea turtle will start again very soon. That’s also the time when our beach patrols on Boavista will be urgently needed. We wouldn’t be able to conduct our successful conservation work without the help of international VOLUNTEERS. We are now [...]

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Photo of the day from Boavista

As nesting season in Boavista gets closer, here is a photo (by Julie Walmsley, our Boa Esperanca camp coordinator) from last year. Doesn't it make you want to be there? You can still apply to be a volunteer this summer for Turtle Foundation! See our website for details.

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Villagers stop construction on Loggerhead nesting beach in Turkey

The governor of the Southern province of Antalya stopped controversial construction works at the world famous Çıralı Beach yesterday. Villagers have been protesting the rental process and construction works of the 18-acre land for the last 10 days. Governor Ahmet Altıparmak said he decided to stop construction until the court gives a verdict. “If lawlessness [...]

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Great video on sea turtles and the ocean, and “citizen science”

This is a wonderful video featuring one of my heroes, Wallace "J." Nichols, talking about sea turtles and how they are emblematic of all the threats to our oceans, and examples of "citizen science", where local communities with a stake in their own resources are helping to collect research on sea turtles and helping to [...]

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U.S. 8-year old seeks support to save sea turtles

If you're able, please take just a minute and sign this petition that Cameron Koporc, a U.S. 2nd grader, has started to outlaw mass balloon releases in the state of Georgia. Please share with others who may share her passion for our land and marine wildlife. She is seeking signatures from individuals in all 50 [...]

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