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Claire Ferguson draws us a picture

This beautiful drawing was sent to Turtle Foundation by Claire Ferguson, 8 years old, from Rochester Hills, Michigan. We are so happy Claire thought of us, and that she loves turtles as much as we do. Claire is helping us speak for the turtles, and the turtles are saying "save me". We're doing our best, [...]

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Lighting specialist travels to Cape Verde for Turtle Foundation

Erik Martin, a specialist in turtle-friendly lighting for hotels and other beach-front construction projects on turtle nesting beaches, will be traveling to Cape Verde in May to meet with representatives of the RIU hotel and TUI, a German travel agency that books most of the guests that stay at the RIU hotels on Boavista Island. [...]

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Grant Award from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Turtle Foundation is happy to announce that for the 3rd year we have been awarded a grant from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Marine Turtle Conservation Fund (under the Wildlife without Borders program) for our Cape Verde loggerhead sea turtle protection project. We could not be happier to be partnering with such a wonderful organization. [...]

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International Sea Turtle Symposium

Dr. Thomas Reisching, Joana Hancock, and I were at the 31st ISTS in San Diego last week. There were over 1000 researchers, conservationists, and sea turtle lovers there. Thomas presented a poster about our Berau project, and Joana presented a poster about our School in Nature program working with youth on Boavista. And I got [...]

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Welcome to Turtle Foundation Cabo Verde’s blog

Well hello turtle-lovers. Happy almost Earth Day, and welcome to our new online blog. Turtle Foundation, as you know, is dedicated to saving sea turtles. We have several projects, but this blog is dedicated to our project in Cabo Verde, protecting the female loggerhead sea turtles as they come ashore to nest. Currently they are [...]

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