Loggerhead Sea Turtle, sporting a new flipper tag, returning to the ocean after nesting on Boa Vista
Photo by Stephanie Köhnk photo at seaturtle.org

Quick Facts about Loggerheads:
1. Most loggerheads nesting occurs in warm temperate and subtropical areas.
2. Every 10 to 15 days females come ashore at night build nests and lay eggs.
3. Females lay on average 100 eggs per nest.

The Turtle Foundation’s Boa Vista, Cape Verde project is working to protect female loggerheads as they come ashore to nest, giving them a chance to lay their eggs, and a chance for future generations of sea turtles. In Boa Vista, nesting will start about mid-June and last through September, and nests will hatch from August through November. We are already starting to get ready for the season!

(Originally posted/written by: Aaron Dumas)