We are looking for individuals to teach volunteers the skills necessary to patrol at night. Experience is not necessary but helps, more important is enthusiasm and commitment. This position should be considered by people with interest in the subject and planning to stay for the majority of the season.

The skills you will learn are tagging, metal and pit tagging, measurements and depending on the research being undertaken, DNA sampling, parasite sampling and blood sampling.

The time periods for night patrols run from any time in June and go on till October, you must state the time available. The first group of interns must be there for the training course starting in the beginning of June and must be available for at least 2 months. We are also looking for people to work through the high season to the end, from the start of August.

The accommodation will be at the camp of Lacacao and the cost for accommodation and food will be reduced from the normal volunteer fees to help with the longevity of their stay.

Time period available: 15th of June – 15th of October (minimum 8 weeks).
Interns are welcome to stay the whole season from 15th of June until 1st of November.

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A Loggerhead sea turtle digging her nest.


Nesting turtle

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(Originally posted/written by: Amanda Dutra)