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Embark on a journey that will leave you forever touched by the magic of sea turtles.

Nesting season / working period: 1st of July – 15th of October

Our loggerhead sea turtle protection program on Boa Vista strongly relies on the commitment of international and Cape Verdean volunteers working in our field stations at the beaches. Anyone who is open-minded, enthusiastic about sea turtle conservation and fulfills some basic requirements is welcome to apply for volunteering with us!

Choose your prefered camp:

We have two camps with international volunteers:

Boa Esperança Camp


in the north of the island.
Center of educational activities.

+ slightly cooler living conditions (due to more wind)
+ closer to the town Sal Rei (10-15 min. by taxi)
+ swimming and surfing is much easier here
+ more beach activities (e.g. beach cleans)
+ amazing moonrises over the sea

Lacacao Camp


in the south of the island.
Center of research activities.

+ slightly more turtle activities
+ easier beach patrols (only sand, no rocks)
+ amazing night skies (due to almost no light pollution)
+ hatchery work (starting end of August)
+ beautiful sunrises over the sea (during censo at Curral Velho beach)

Testimonials of former volunteers

Glenn Volunteer Testimonial

I enjoyed it throughly. Both camps were beautiful – such friendly people – it felt like a family. The people there always made sure I had my needs met.
Memorable moments: surfing with friends, playing cards in the shade, sleeping on the beach.

Glenn, USA
Max Volunteer Testimonial

A challenging but fulfilling time with a lot of beautiful moments in nature.
Memorable moments: Seeing my first turtle and hatchling, campfire with all of the other volunteers and rangers and island excursion with everyone.

Max, Germany
Franzi Volunteer Testimonial

It was beautiful time and I wouldn’t miss it!
Memorable moments: Working in the hatchery, playing card games, making bracelets, beautiful beaches, my first patrol with seeing a turtle.

Franziska, Germany
Melanie Volunteer Testimonial

A grateful experience to know yourself, adapt to situations, learn and enjoy nature.
Memorable moments: seeing hatchlings, catching waves at the beach with everyone from camp, witnessing turtles in the first light in the morning.

Melanie, Spain
Nele Volunteer Testimonial

It was the best time of my life! I love working with the turtles and the people of Boa Vista.
Memorable moments; Playing guitar and singing together in camp, excursions around the island, playing volleyball together.

Nele, Germany

Applying in 3 steps

• Step 1

Ensure you can answer all following questions with a clear and honest “YES”:

Have you thoroughly read our General Information document?
Are you at least 18 years old?
Are you aware that …

  • … volunteering in sea turtle conservation demands dedication and substantial time commitment?
  • … working to protect and preserve sea turtles will be enlightening and filled with rewarding moments, even though some tasks may occasionally be repetitive or monotonous?
  • … conservation efforts will often be carried out under challenging and uncomfortable conditions, such as traversing sandy shores at night, enduring heat, and encountering mosquitoes?
  • … your schedule will be primarily focused on working at nights, 6 days in a row, but the cherry on top is a well-deserved full day off to explore the enchanting island on your own or simply relax in the camp?
  • … working at nights, means adjusting to daytime sleep, which might be a minor challenge, but the thrill of this unique experience will far outweigh any temporary sleep disruption.
  • … you will be accommodated in modest shared tents in campsites, and spend your nights at the nesting beaches (you can rest in a tent during your free time)?
  • … meals will consist of locally sourced ingredients, which may result in repetitive yet nourishing options?
  • … you will work and live with young local rangers who primarily communicate in Portuguese/Creole and may have limited experience in other languages?

Are you willing to cover your travel expenses to the project location and contribute a daily fee for food and lodging?
Are you prepared to commit a minimum of two weeks (preferably three or more) to working in our project?
Can you effectively communicate, comprehend, and follow instructions in either English (our primary language) or Portuguese?

If you confidently answered “YES” to all the above questions, we eagerly looking forward to your volunteer application.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Please note:

  • Applications for volunteer positions can be made for this year’s and the next year’s nesting season (1st July – 15th October).
  • Long term volunteers who want to stay for eight weeks and more are requested to attach a short CV to the application form.
  • Only complete applications will be considered. Thanks for your understanding!

• Step 2

Please carefully read the following 3 documents:


The GENERAL INFORMATION document contains all what you should know about our project, your duties and responsibilities as a team member, local living conditions, etc. The PACKING LIST provides you with more detailed information about necessary equipment for your stay. All volunteers will participate in our project at their own risk. Therefore please read the RISK WAIVER carefully. All volunteers will be asked to sign this risk waiver upon arrival on Boavista.

• Step 3

Please fill in our online volunteer application form:

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Your dates & preferences

Please select your desired position.


Volunteering with us is possible between the 1st of July until the 15th of October ONLY!!!


Lacacão Camp: Beach camp in the South of Boavista, center of research activities. Boa Esperança Camp: Beach camp in the North of Boavista, center of educational activities

Pleas note that we can not promise you to get to your preferred camp. If necessary, you might be requested to shift to the other camp. Allocation will be based primarily on project needs and individual skills, but we will try to respect your preference.

Your personal details

Please enter your first name(s).
Please enter your last name.
Please enter your date of birth. Note: minimum age 18 years!
Please enter your nationality.
Please provide a phone or mobil number where we can reach you in case of urgent questions.
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Your emergency contact

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Your individual skills and needs


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Please select "Yes" if you have any kind of first aid certification.
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Please upload you cv and a photo of you (only obligatory for long term volunteers)

Please upload your curriculum vitae. Only files of the types pdf, doc, docx, and rtf are possible.

Maximum file size 6 MB

Please upload a photo of you if you want. Only files of the types jpg, jpeg, png, gif are possible.

Maximum file size 2 MB

Previous experience, motivation & final provisions


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Please provide details of former project(s).
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Fields indicated with (*) are mandatory.


If you experience trouble with the online volunteer application form or you are not sure if the form was sent correctly, please drop us a message to volunteers@turtle-foundation.org. Thanks!