If you are wondering what we are doing on Boavista after the turtles have left…here’s a little update:

Ranger training
For the second year we are offering a theoretical professional training program for our local assistants during the off-season. Rangers that worked with Turtle Foundation during the season receive classes in five modules to round-off their practical experience they gained in summer. The classes are free of charge and open to the public – five of our rangers – our “top men” – receive a stipend for joining and completing the program. They are swotting for Biology, English, Capeverdian History, IT and Social Development. For six weeks it’s like being back in school! The program will end in mid December and we are hoping for many happy graduates, well prepared for the turtle season 2013 and their further careers.

ranger training

Food donation to Primary school an Kindergarden in Norte
After the camp were dismantled in October, we still had some left over food-supply. Rice, beans, jelly, juice…all kind of delicious camp food, ideal for big groups of hungry mouths 🙂
So we decided to give it to the school and kindergarden in Fundo das Figueras to support the lunch special for the kids. We had some good fun at our visit and the teachers and kids were happy about our little gift.

primary school Norte

TAOLA Tourism work group
As the last post shows, there is finally some first steps taken into the direction of a more regulated form of nature and turtle tourism on Boavista. Turtle Foundation is happy to be part of the team that will elaborate a proposal to submit to the Cape Verde government. We are currently working on some first suggestions, hoping to be able to have a model ready for the coming turtle season.