“Cabo Verde Seeds Experience” is a French association which aims to assist the development of horticulture in Cape Verde, first and mainly in Boavista Island.

Turtle Foundation had the pleasure of meeting the founding members Nicolas Prévost and Chrystelle Fabre during their visit to Boavista last July. We helped them to find the right partners for their project, so that this great initiative can achieve its goals in the best and most productive way.

The association’s goals are:

– to provide seeds adapted to the climate of the Island;

– the construction of an area for growing and drying the seeds and a building to store seeds and tools.

– to study a water recovery system by sea water distillation.

Visit Cabo Verde Seeds Experience’s website for more information (in French):


They also have a blog where they tell details of the first visit to Cape Verde (in French):


(Originally posted/written by: Amanda Dutra)