It only takes a moment, and it REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE when a government agency or official is inundated with emails from petitions that have been signed. It tells them that people care, that they are willing to make an effort to make their views known to the officials in charge.

So PLEASE, take a moment to sign these two petitions.

This one is to urge the local government to let us continue our turtle nest protection and data collection program on Sangalaki Island, which was recently terminated with no reason given after 12 years, resulting in the eggs being dug up and sold again.

Petition to save the sea turtles of Sangalaki

This one is to demand protection for the sea turtle conservation rangers in Costa Rica, after the brutal murder of 26-year old Jairo Moro Sandoval, who was killed while patrolling the beaches to protect the sea turtles.

Petition to protect sea turtle conservation rangers

Thank you so much!