Date of formation: 03.08.2012

Status: NGO subject to the laws of Cape Verde

Registry number: No. 1007/2012 according to the order of the Ministry of Justice from 13 July 2012

Address: Riba d’Olte, Caixa Postal nr. 172, Sal Rei, Boavista, Cabo Verde

Executive Board:
Euclides (Ukie) Resende (Diretor)
Joana Nicolau
Christian Roder

Finanical Supervision:
Ivone Monteiro
Cláudio Mendonça

General Assembly:
The General Assembly appoints a president and a secretary for each meeting.

Office: landline (+238) 251 14 38; mobile (+238) 9550357
Euclides (Ukie) Resende, resende(at)
Joana Nicolau, nicolau(at)
Christian Roder, roder(at)

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