Turtle Foundation Friends – Association for the Protection of Sea Turtles

Thorsten Hölser (chairman)
Dr. Hiltrud Cordes
Dr. Petra Minnasch
Dr. Thomas Reischig

Download (PDF in German, an English translation will be available soon)

Minutes of the general meeting from 10th October 2020 in Frankfurt (Germany); PDF in German

Turtle Foundation Friends
c/o Thorsten Hölser
Feldbergstraße 11c
61389 Oberreifenberg
Email: hoelser@turtle-foundation.org

Details of German banking account:
Frankfurter Volksbank
IBAN: DE04 5019 0000 7700 0108 93

TF Ranger with with board of the TF friends association and the president of TF Germany

Ranger on the project island Bilang-Bilangan together with the board of Turtle Foundation Friends and the president of Turtle Foundation Germany (third from left). Board of TF Friends: Hiltrud Cordes (first from right), Petra Minnasch (second from right), Thorsten Hölser (fifth from right), Thomas Reischig (sixth from right).

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