Dr. Thomas Reisching, Joana Hancock, and I were at the 31st ISTS in San Diego last week. There were over 1000 researchers, conservationists, and sea turtle lovers there. Thomas presented a poster about our Berau project, and Joana presented a poster about our School in Nature program working with youth on Boavista. And I got to meet and talk with one of my turtle heroes, Dr. Wallace ‘J’ Nichols (I couldn’t resist a photo posing in our matching t-shirts).
It is people like those who inspire us, encourage us, and make us realize that we can, and do, make a difference. I posted a brief description of the symposium by Thomas, who works with our Berau project, on our Cause page and our website blog. With folks like that on the side of sea turtles, the future looks a little brighter.