After one last push on Friday the Lacacão camp got packed down and put away in the storage, waiting for the next turtle season to come.
It has been a season of plenty: Plenty of turtles, plenty of work that came with them, plenty of rain, adventures, good memories and plenty of amazing people with great spirits that helped to make this year’s project very special.
One of those people and our dearest turtle foundation friend, has decided to go for new adventures starting this November. We would like to take this opportunity to say good-bye to our ever-smiling guardian angel of the volunteers, Amanda. Amanda just had her last working day with us and is now on a her way to a well-earned little holiday to Santiago island.
We want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! For the support you gave to the Foundation in the past seasons… we are still amazed how easy you made it look! We will miss your passion for the conservation work, your patience and of course your cute Brazilian accent. Have a great time – wherever your next project will take you.

The TF Cabo Verde Team

amanda und nusco

Amanda and Nusco