The risks on the Cape Verdean ecosystem posed by fishing on the part of foreign vessels is the theme of a conference and debate set to take place at 6:00 pm today, February 14, at the Institut Français du Cap-Vert (IFCV) in Praia

The event is being carried out in partnership with the NGO Biosfera, and is the first in a cycle of debates on the main environmental and development-related challenges facing Cape Verde.
Tommy Melo, the vice-president and co-founder of Biosfera, will speak on the subject, after which a round-table discussion will be held with Cape Verdean and foreign specialists, who will debate the theme presented.

Director General of the Environment Moisés Borges, a representative from the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Management, Director General of Fisheries Juvino Vieira, European Union Ambassador Jospe Coll, UNDP official Olivier Puginier and Spanish Ambassador José Miguel Corvinos Lafuente have confirmed their participation in the round-table debate.

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