Season wrap up

(Unten ist die Übersetzung ins Deutsche) November is approaching, and it is time to pack and say goodbye to the turtles this year. Looking back into the season, we believe we can be proud of the results achieved; the 2011 season was, by far, our most successful one. Although it had a grim start (we [...]

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Peter Yuen photography and Turtle Foundation

Peter Yuen is a photographer who has a wonderful site dedicated to photographing animals in need of rescue. He has taken fantastic photos of sea turtles in Malaysia, and is donating a portion of photo sales to Turtle Foundation. Thank you Peter! See his work (and buy his photos!) here

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Photos from our 2011 season on Boavista, Cape Verde

Joana has posted some photos on Facebook from our work during the 2011 nesting season on Boavista. Here are a couple, but you should check out the album on Facebook. They will make you want to go there . . . and we're looking forward to seeing you there! Turtle Foundation Cape Verde photos 2011 [...]

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Trading english classrooms for a turtle camp

From Lynnette Miller, The first time I saw a turtle lay eggs was a magical night for me. Lying silently, breathlessly behind the turtle, watching this intimate process on the beautiful beach at Lacacao camp. I came to Boa Vista to teach, but I have learned more here than I ever could have hoped. For [...]

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The 2011 season so far…

Its half way through the season, which means its time for the very awaited update!!! So far the 2011 season has been a slow one in terms of nesting. With just under 1,000 records in our beaches, and 398 nests, this has been a sharp decrease compared to previous seasons. However, the results in terms [...]

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Rainy Season is here!!!!

Just when you thought you couldn't stand the heat and humidity anymore, and started to believe it would never rain this season, well... it didn't rain, it POURED! Every year Boavista (and most of Cape Verde) is blessed with a miserable week or so of rain, which despite being short, it is pretty intensive. It [...]

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“School in Nature” program is back!

Following of the success of the "School in Nature" program last year, mainly in Boa Esperança beach, Turtle Foundation has started a new season last weekend. As last year, the 3 day/2 night program includes oral presentations, video presentations, games on the beach, a lot of beach cleaning, and of course, participation in the night [...]

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Three turtles equipped with satellite transmitters at Lacacão Beach

In the last week of July, Turtle Foundation Camp in Lacacão was invaded by this sense of mission, urgency and excitement! A research project, led by Dr. Christophe Eizaguirre and Victor Stiebens from the University of Kiel, a collaboration with Turtle Foundation and the INDP (National Institute of Fisheries Development), required the placement of three [...]

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Jake Woodier report from Lacacão Camp

By Jake Woodier I arrived in Cape Verde without much of a clue of what I had volunteered for except that I would be taking part in hard, but very important work to protect Loggerhead Turtles which I knew are an endangered species. After landing at the airport I was picked up by Ukie of [...]

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Triple surprise for birthday team in Boa Esperança Camp!

This week was full of surprises for the Boa Esperança Camp. With three of its staff members celebrating their birthday around the same date, surely we had to throw some sort of celebration! The first surprise was on the 4th of July, when Julie and Ronny were on patrol on their birthday, and they tagged [...]

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