Illegal turtle trade in Bali increasing again

From the Jakarta Post, January 25, 2013 The illegal green turtle trade in Bali has returned to an old style, the smuggling and trading of living animals, environmental activists claimed. Wayan Wiradnyana, chairman of the Bali Sea Turtle Society, said in a meeting in Denpasar on Thursday that the newest mode of alleged illegal trading [...]

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photo of our visit to Berau (Indonesia)

This is our team on the islands of Mataha and Bilang-Bilangan with visitors from Germany: (from left to right) Yusuf, Ben, Mudhar, Otto, Aidin, Thomas, Thorsten, Girboy, Ayoub (wants to go to Boavista next year!), Petra, Agung, Hilli

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Sangalaki in danger!

Project manager Dr. Hiltrud Cordes and scientific director Dr. Thomas Reischig just arrived from a three weeks project visit in eastern Borneo. We were very glad to experience the strong dedication and commitment of our local collaborators for the sake of sea turtle protection, and to witness the excellent work they are doing. Our collaborators [...]

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Record number of nesting turtles on Boavista

Translation of article from sapo CV from October 17th 2012.  Original article can be found here. A record number of about six thousand turtles visited the beaches of Boa Vista island to nest during this summer, according to data presented today by the two NGOs working with the turtles on the island. The numbers were [...]

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New website

Have you seen our new website? It has now a new format, easier to read and navigate around the menus, and is available in English, Deutsch and Português. We welcome your feedback! (Originally posted/written by: Amanda Dutra)

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Turtle Foundation’s Annual Meeting in Liechtenstein

Turtle Foundation held our annual meeting in Liechtenstein over the weekend of March 22-24th. (The majority of our group lives in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany, so it's closer for most people to meet there). The wonderful food cooked by Gigi and Margrit was surpassed only by the company - some of us only get to [...]

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Turtle Foundation streamlines Facebook pages

Hi everyone, In an effort to streamline our social media, we are going to close our Turtle Foundation-Cabo Verde facebook page, and just put everything on our Turtle Foundation page (and this blog, of course). So please "Like" our Facebook page: Turtle Foundation Facebook Thanks for your support and your interest!

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Illegal trade of sea turtle shell products in Tanjung Benoa, Bali

Tanjung Benoa, Bali was notorious as the hub of the illegal sea turtle trade in Indonesia. In 1999, ProFauna Indonesia (a sea turtle conservation group and partner with Turtle Foundation) launched its investigation report revealing that 9,000 turtles were slaughtered within 4 months in Bali. Responding to the report, between 2000 and 2002 the authorities [...]

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Illegally collected eggs confiscated by police in Berau

An update from Dr. Hiltrud Cordes and Dr. Thomas Reischig of Turtle Foundation, currently in Berau: Greetings from Berau! Here comes an interesting story: Yesterday we were informed, that the police confiscated a big amount of turtle eggs and handed it over to the KSDA (nature conservancy department). We went to the KSDA-office to find [...]

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