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Scientists Analyze Loggerhead Sea Turtle Blood to Reveal Migration Route

From: Blood Tests Show Where Loggerhead Turtles Go OurAmazingPlanet Staff - Sep 21, 2012 11:34 AM ET Every year, thousands of endangered loggerhead sea turtles crawl ashore at Florida's Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge to lay eggs before dragging their leathery bodies back into the sea. But where they go after their trek isn't [...]

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2012 School in Nature starts!

School in Nature has started last weekend. A great team was involved in its organization and thanks to it, the first of the 5 youth camps was a success. A big thanks to Isaac and Rita (renewable energy students, TF volunteers for 4 weeks and special guests in School in Nature), Yanick (School in Nature [...]

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Turtles nesting all over Boavista

Turtles are nesting in extraordinary numbers throughout Boavista this season, so much so that even the beaches around Sal Rei are receiving nesting turtles every night. This remarkable development deserves a special protection strategy. The Turtle Foundation team was eager to get involved in this new challenge and support local initiatives! Mr Roque and [...]

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SEASON UPDATE: news from the field

Lots of things happening since the beginning of the season. Here goes an update of what we have been doing lately. Lets start with the TAOLA meeting (Capeverdean Sea Turtle Network), held in Mindelo in May 22, 23 and 24. The network was finally formalized, counts now with the necessary statute. The board members were [...]

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The turtles have arrived!!

Last night, the first activities in our beaches were recorded, a nest in Ponta Pesqueiro and a track in Curral Velho! The teams in the camps are very excited about the next night patrols and the volunteers are now looking forward to see their first nesting turtles. Pictures and more news soon! (Originally posted/written by: [...]

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Photos from 2012 season

Hey all, there are lots of new photos from the 2012 nesting season on Boavista on our Facebook page Turtle Foundation Cabo Verde. It's been an amazing season (and it's not over yet). Check out the photos - it will make you want to go there and volunteer with Turtle Foundation to help save this [...]

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Conheça nosso Gerente de Projecto – Meet our nesting season Project Manager

É com alegria e orgulho que apresentamos o mais novo membro da equipa Turtle Foundation - Cabo Verde. José Eduino Tavares, mais conhecido como Barroso, desempenhará a função de gerente de projecto da temporada de desova e já encontra-se a trabalhar activamente na conservação das tartarugas marinhas de Cabo Verde. José Eduino M. Tavares é [...]

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World Turtle Day celebrated in Mindelo

The World Turtle Day (23rd May) was very well celebrated in Mindelo, in a special event organized during the annual meeting of the Cape Verdean Sea Turtle Network, TAOLA. Schools, community and all the several organisations involved in sea turtle conservation in Cape Verde that were attending the TAOLA meeting celebrated together the World Turtle [...]

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