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Members of the Cape Verdean parliament are concerned about local sea turtle conservation

Recently, Cape Verdean politicians expressed their concern about the protection of the local sea turtles in an article of the local news website SAPO NOTÍCIAS. We are very pleased that this issue in Cape Verde finally is increasingly present in the public debate, and we hope very much that the protection of sea turtles will [...]

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Boavista: Still high nesting numbers despite near end of season

After a rather silent start of this years’s nesting season of the loggerhead turtles on the beaches of Boavista in June we suddenly got big work to do: Turtles landed in high quantities every night on the beaches we are protecting on Boavista. Now it was to patrol the nesting beaches all night and protect [...]

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Boavista: Disoriented turtle female rescued from danger of death by overheating

A few days ago was one of our teams on Boavista, which did the daily counts of nesting activities of the night ago (“morning census”) on the beach of Curral Velho, found a disoriented loggerhead sea turtle female that wandered around aimlessly in the dunes far from the sea. Obviously, after nesting in the last [...]

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Boavista: Start into the new nesting season 2016

The turtles can come! In the meanwhile we could finish the construction of our camps on the beaces of Lacacão, Boa Esperança and Norte. Fortunately we were able to use the donations of our friends and supporters to replace all the material that was destroyed or lost by Hurricane Fred last year, so that this [...]

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Hurricane Fred: Beach camps on Boavista again operating

On Monday, 31 August 2015, a hurricane swept over Cape Verde. In the morning hours, on the Island of Boavista the storm reached peak wind speeds of 120–135 km (75–85 miles) per hour. On the southern coast, waves piled up to seven meters above sea level. The safety of our colleagues in the camps of [...]

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Hurricane Fred destroys beach camps on Boavista: A first report

On Monday morning, August 31, a hurricane swept through the islands of Cape Verde. On our project island, Boavista, the storm brought strong winds and heavy rainfall, causing major damage. The airport had to be closed, electricity and internet went down, trees were uprooted and roofs were blown off. As far as we know, fortunately, [...]

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Hurricane Fred destroyed Turtle Foundation’s beach camps on Boavista

A hurricane passed through the Cape Verde Islands on Monday. On Boavista, the camps on Boa Esperanca and Lacacao beach were heavily damaged by the storm, tents were ripped in peaces and metal rods of tents and shadings were crushed. We are very lucky that nobody was injured and everybody is save. Currently we are [...]

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News (and more photos) from the field

Our Facebook page has lots of new pictures from the latest events in Boavista. We had a very nice mid-season celebration on September 2nd at Cabral beach. Finally the teams from all the camps got together for a Barbecue and a football competition. Click here for photos "Turtle Foundation Mid-Season BBQ 2012" School in Nature [...]

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Start of the nesting season on Boavista

(Top image: Carlos controls shade construction) The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere has passed and from now on the nights get longer and the days warmer. In response, the turtles have begun to return from their foraging grounds in West Africa ready to nest in the warm sands of Boa Vista. [...]

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Turtle Foundation seeking Project Coordinator for Cape Verde project

TURTLE FOUNDATION is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization working for the protection and conservation of sea turtles. Since 2008, TURTLE FOUNDATION is implementing a program for the protection of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) on the island Boavista, Cape Verde. TURTLE FOUNDATION is currently seeking a Portuguese speaking Project coordinator. JOB DESCRIPTION: Title of the [...]

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