Grüne Meeresschildkröte

Adopt a sea turtle

By adopting a sea turtle you support the urgently needed conservation work of the Turtle Foundation!

All seven species of sea turtles are threatened with extinction! The Turtle Foundation is fully committed to actively preventing the brutal slaughter of sea turtles by poachers each night during nesting season on Boavista (Cape Verde) and West-Sumatra (Indonesia). We also prevent the illegal collection of turtle eggs and the sale of the eggs on the black market on the Berau islands in Indonesia. Further information about our projects you can find under “What we do”.

By completing an adoption you help prevent the extermination of sea turtles!

The minimum fee of an adoption is USD 100 / EUR 90 / CHF 100 / GBP 80 for one year.

Your sea turtle adoption pack will include:

  • Personal adoption certificate
  • Gift: Turtle USB stick, mouse pad, turtle keyring pendant, a sea turtle photograph size A4 and other (see gift list below)
  • Regular email newsletter

An adoption is valid for 12 months. After one year Turtle Foundation will contact you and ask you to renew it. The renewal is optional.


A symbolic adoption makes a great present! With an adoption you show you care for both the gift recipient and the sea turtles!

Example of an adoption certificate:

Example Adoption Certificate

Symbolic adoption form:

This adoption is a present for:

(a photo of the chosen turtle appears on the certificate)

The minimum amount for an adoption is 90 EUR for one year (no automatic renewal).

The minimum amount for an adoption is 100 CHF for one year (no automatic renewal).

The minimum amount for an adoption is 100 USD for one year (no automatic renewal).

The minimum amount for an adoption is 80 GBP for one year (no automatic renewal)

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Please choose one of the gifts listed below:

Mini turtle with magnet

Mini turtle with magnet (length ca. 7 cm)

Turtle USB Stick

Turtle USB memory stick 16 GB (“female”)

Turtle Mousepad

Turtle mousepad

Green Turtle photograph by Gerald Nowack

Turtle photo size DIN A4

Key ring

Turtle keyring pendant, various colors

Turtle bookmark

Turtle bookmark


Turtle pencil case

Kühlschrank Magnet Turtle

Turtle fridge magnet (photo of turtle)

Kühlschrank Magnet Turtle

Turtle-Foundation-logo fridge magnet

Leather bracelet

Turtle leather bracelet


Mouse pad “Kimi”

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