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Please help stop the slaughter of turtles in Bali

Please help stop the slaughter of turtles in Bali by signing these two petitions on Change.Org. Each signature will be sent to the Governor of Bali and the Bali Tourist Board directly. The slaughter is illegal under Government Act No 7/1999, which prohibits the killing and trading Sea Turtles !! Sadly, the issue is now [...]

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New law to protect Puerto Rico leatherback turtles

Puerto Rico has introduced a new law protecting a swathe of the island's coast that has become a major nesting site for the world's largest turtle, the leatherback. The Northeast Ecological Corridor comprises 14 sq km (5.4 sq miles) of the island's coast. The law ends a 15-year battle which pitted developers against green activists [...]

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World’s largest turtle could be extinct in 20 years, scientists say

Leatherback sea turtle nesting. / Owen Humphreys/PA Wire via AP Images The world's largest turtle, the Pacific leatherback sea turtle, faces extinction over the next 20 years. A team of scientist has documented a 78 percent decline in the number of nests of the leatherback sea turtle in the Pacific Ocean. The study looked at [...]

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In Costa Rica, Jaguars feast on endangered sea turtles

TORTUGUERO, Costa Rica -- A sole pair of sea turtle tracks is all that punctuates the serenity of sand along the protected beach on this Central American country’s Caribbean side. The turtle made it out of the ocean to a preferred nesting spot -- but never made it back. It was the first turtle researchers [...]

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