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The 2011 season so far…

Its half way through the season, which means its time for the very awaited update!!! So far the 2011 season has been a slow one in terms of nesting. With just under 1,000 records in our beaches, and 398 nests, this has been a sharp decrease compared to previous seasons. However, the results in terms [...]

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Trip report from 2 of our board members

Two of our board members from Switzerland visited Boavista a few weeks ago and sent in this trip report: "After working as volunteers on the Turtle Foundation board since 2006 in accounting and administration, we finally made it to visit one of our projects. For 2 weeks we stayed in Boa Vista and accompanied various [...]

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Baby loggerhead turtles tracked for the first time

For many populations of sea turtles, we have no idea where they go after they swim off to the sea as hatchlings. It's been called "the lost years". We see them when they show up as juveniles at feeding grounds, or even later. But now, thanks to technology and dedicated sea turtle biologists, the youngest [...]

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Rainy Season is here!!!!

Just when you thought you couldn't stand the heat and humidity anymore, and started to believe it would never rain this season, well... it didn't rain, it POURED! Every year Boavista (and most of Cape Verde) is blessed with a miserable week or so of rain, which despite being short, it is pretty intensive. It [...]

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Satellite tagged turtles return to nest again

From our field coordinator, Joana Hancock: Two of the turtles tagged with satellite transmitters have already returned to Lacacão beach and nested successfully. We're very happy to see that the transmitters seem to be still safely installed, and that they have not altered the turtle's nesting behaviour. Soon, update of their movements! (Loggerhead photo courtesy [...]

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Scout group participates in Boa Esperança

It was in August that the first (and hopefuly not the last) group of Scouts from Boavista participated for the weekend in the protection camp of Boa Esperança. João Monteiro, one of our local assistants, and also a scouts leader took the initiative, taking only 4 members to see how it would work out. It [...]

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“School in Nature” program is back!

Following of the success of the "School in Nature" program last year, mainly in Boa Esperança beach, Turtle Foundation has started a new season last weekend. As last year, the 3 day/2 night program includes oral presentations, video presentations, games on the beach, a lot of beach cleaning, and of course, participation in the night [...]

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