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Three turtles equipped with satellite transmitters at Lacacão Beach

In the last week of July, Turtle Foundation Camp in Lacacão was invaded by this sense of mission, urgency and excitement! A research project, led by Dr. Christophe Eizaguirre and Victor Stiebens from the University of Kiel, a collaboration with Turtle Foundation and the INDP (National Institute of Fisheries Development), required the placement of three [...]

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Sea turtle research partnership

Great news! On July 18th a team of scientists arrived in Boavista, to carry on a very important sea turtle study. This research will be carried out by a partnership between the INDP and University of Kiel, with the collaboration of Turtle Foundation. We are very excited! Original posting from the INDP can be found [...]

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Turtle Foundation visits projects in S. Nicolau

It was with great joy that Turtle foundation accepted the invitation of the Municipalities of Ribeira Brava and Tarrafal de S. Nicolau to attend a series of workshops that took place in São Nicolau island in the last weekend (1-2 July, 2011). São Nicolau is thought to be the forth most important island for loggerhead [...]

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Triple surprise for birthday team in Boa Esperança Camp!

This week was full of surprises for the Boa Esperança Camp. With three of its staff members celebrating their birthday around the same date, surely we had to throw some sort of celebration! The first surprise was on the 4th of July, when Julie and Ronny were on patrol on their birthday, and they tagged [...]

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