…Previously in Lacacao beach camp…

Our project is now up and running since two weeks. Time to show you what we have been doing so far. We will keep you updated with some impressions from our different project sites - starting today with the Lacacao camp. Previously in Lacacao beach camp A presentation about tourism development on [...]

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Needed: Interns for morning patrols (Census)

Morning patrol/census interns will spend 75% of their time doing morning patrols and the 25% doing night patrols. Interns in this position will gain valuable experience in track identification and nest finding. Boa Esperança's team on the way to the beach of Agua Doce The accommodation will be at the camp of Lacacao [...]

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Who wants to be a leader for night patrols?

We are looking for individuals to teach volunteers the skills necessary to patrol at night. Experience is not necessary but helps, more important is enthusiasm and commitment. This position should be considered by people with interest in the subject and planning to stay for the majority of the season. The skills you will learn are [...]

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Kids sell sea shells to help sea turtles

8 year old Alden loves sea turtles.  She wrote to Turtle Foundation to tell us she is doing a research project on loggerhead sea turtles, and is selling shells in her front yard to raise money to help us protect these amazing creatures.  She's already raised $12.25.  Here are some pictures of Alden and her [...]

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Needed: Interns for tourism

Tourism interns will work closely with the Tourism Manager and volunteers on the beach of Lacacao. Interns duties will be to inform the general public of the protection polices and management techniques of the Turtle Foundation. Interns will also be expected to help with teaching locals how to run guided turtle tours in a sustainable and [...]

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Meet our Camp Coordinator: Joana Nicolau

(NOTE: English translation is below the Portuguese) Joana Nicolau, carinhosamente conhecida como Joaninha, retornará a Boavista para a coordenação de nossa base comunitária no Fundo das Figueiras, para dar continuidade ao excelente trabalho por ela desempenhado nesta comunidade durante a temporada de 2011. No texto abaixo, ela expõe suas motivações e impressões sobre a comunidade [...]

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Volunteers and Interns still needed!

Nesting season is approaching fast and we still have places available for volunteers and interns in our sea turtle conservation project on Boavista, Cape Verde. Come and help us to protect the nesting turtles and the hatchlings from poaching and all kinds of disturbances such as littering, light pollution, vehicles on the nesting beaches, etc. [...]

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9-year old makes eco-friendly turtle gifts and helps save turtles

Fabio Scognamiglio is young, creative, and concerned about the earth and its creatures. He makes beautiful turtles from walnut shells and plasticine, and donates a portion of the sales of his home-made gifts to Turtle Foundation, to help us protect and conserve sea turtles. His sister helps, too, making friendship bracelets. We are proud and [...]

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