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Raffle to support Turtle Foundation – over $20,000 USD in prizes!

Try your luck and win one of our fantastic prizes! The popular Turtle Foundation raffle has been launched again! The entire revenue from this raffle (CHF 20'000, which is more than $20,000 USD) if all tickets are sold!) will be used for our two conservation and protection projects in Indonesia and in the Cape Verde [...]

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New Turtle Species??

New species of turtles have been born in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. We need some help identifying them… New species of turtles have been born in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. We need some help identifying them… As they are endangered by hungry people, temperatures below zero and snow we will do our best to protect them. Dedicated Turtle Foundation [...]

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Update from Boavista

If you are wondering what we are doing on Boavista after the turtles have's a little update: Ranger training For the second year we are offering a theoretical professional training program for our local assistants during the off-season. Rangers that worked with Turtle Foundation during the season receive classes in five modules to round-off [...]

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Turtle watching in Cape Verde – Rules and regulations needed

Awareness is increasing, that turtle-watching activities on the nesting beaches of Cape Verde are in need for better regulations in order to protect nesting turtles from over-exploitation and harassment by visitors. Recently first steps have been done in the right direction - please find out more in the following article, published on november 18 by [...]

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Final Festa in Fundo

Last weekend, it was time to say "Thank you and see you next year" to the community of Fundo das Figueras, where we had lived and worked for the past four months again. We invited the community members over to a farewell "Cape Verdian style" with plenty of Cachupa (hearty stew and the traditional national [...]

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photo of our visit to Berau (Indonesia)

This is our team on the islands of Mataha and Bilang-Bilangan with visitors from Germany: (from left to right) Yusuf, Ben, Mudhar, Otto, Aidin, Thomas, Thorsten, Girboy, Ayoub (wants to go to Boavista next year!), Petra, Agung, Hilli

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Sangalaki in danger!

Project manager Dr. Hiltrud Cordes and scientific director Dr. Thomas Reischig just arrived from a three weeks project visit in eastern Borneo. We were very glad to experience the strong dedication and commitment of our local collaborators for the sake of sea turtle protection, and to witness the excellent work they are doing. Our collaborators [...]

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Good Bye Amanda

After one last push on Friday the Lacacão camp got packed down and put away in the storage, waiting for the next turtle season to come. It has been a season of plenty: Plenty of turtles, plenty of work that came with them, plenty of rain, adventures, good memories and plenty of amazing people with [...]

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Record number of nesting turtles on Boavista

Translation of article from sapo CV from October 17th 2012.  Original article can be found here. A record number of about six thousand turtles visited the beaches of Boa Vista island to nest during this summer, according to data presented today by the two NGOs working with the turtles on the island. The numbers were [...]

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Cape Verde 2012: Record Nesting Season – Temporada de Desova Recorde em Cabo Verde

A record number of nesting turtles (6000!) visited Boavista this year. From:    Cerca de seis mil tartarugas desovaram este ano nas praias da ilha da Boa Vista 17 de Outubro de 2012, 16:50 Um número recorde de cerca de seis mil tartarugas visitaram as praias da ilha da Boa Vista para nidificarem durante [...]

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