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Cape Verde: African good news story – on BBC

"The remarkable economic and political progress of Cape Verde is seen as a blueprint for the rest of Africa, writes BBC Today programme presenter Evan Davis after a visit to the tiny island state.   Contrary to the impression you might have had of African nations, here is one where democracy flourishes I have to [...]

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New Turtle Foundation mural painting at the main-place of Sal Rei/ Boa Vista

Looking at the run-down walls of the main square in Sal Rei, we decided it was time to repaint an old mural we had done in 2008 in front of the kid's corner, this time with an image of underwater-sea-life with sea turtles, fish, corals etc to remind everyone of the beauty and importance of [...]

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Second tropical sea turtle washes up on Vancouver Island

from CTV news: An endangered green sea turtle died early Monday at the Vancouver Aquarium after being rescued four nights earlier on Vancouver Island. The tropical turtle was found Wednesday and is the second in a week to wash up on the shores of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve near Tofino. Scientists are baffled [...]

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Lost Kemp’s Ridley turtle swims from Gulf to Netherlands

To see video of this story, go to: Johnny the Kemp's Ridley Turtle The following text comes from Live Science: When Johnny Vasco de Gama showed up in the Netherlands three years ago, he was a nameless, frigid sea turtle with little chance of surviving much longer in the icy waters of the North Sea. [...]

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Turtle Foundation lottery to benefit sea turtles

It’s time again: LOTTERY ON BEHALF OF THE SEA TURTLES – COME JOIN IN Due to the big success of our lottery on behalf of the sea turtles in 2010 and 2011, TURTLE FOUNDATION and SOS Seaturtles (founded by the famous underwater photographer Kurt Amsler) are doing it again this year. This year again 100% [...]

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