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Turtle Foundation receives grant from Busch Gardens Conservation Fund

Turtle Foundation is thrilled to announce that we have received a SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund grant in support of our loggerhead conservation project in Cape Verde. This fund has granted over 6 million dollars to more than 500 projects worldwide for wildlife conservation, research and education. We are happy to be associated with [...]

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New hotel RIU – TOUAREG is now open in Lacacão beach

It was about a week ago that the controversial new hotel in Lacacão beach was inaugurated and welcomed their first guests.   Built in one of the most important nesting sites of the Loggerhead sea turtle in Cape Verde, Lacacão beach, its construction phase caused many environmental and social impacts in the island, and was [...]

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More turtle art

My grandmother, an artist, has been doing some work inspired by the oil spill. Her name is Olga Seem, and here are two of her latest works, called "Crude Attack." Other recent work, ocean related, can be seen here.

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