Turtle Foundation at the Boot Düsseldorf and at the FESPO Zurich

This year the Turtle Foundation is again present at two big international fairs:

From 21 to 29 January we will be at the Düsseldorf International Boat Show (Boot Düsseldorf) in Germany. You will find us at the booth of the Association of German Scuba Divers (VDST) in hall 3, booth B53.

From 26 to 29 January […]

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Toothed turtles survived longer than scientists thought

The turtles living today don’t have teeth. Turtles have, of course, evolved from toothed ancestors, but it is also known from research on their developmental biology and from investigations of fossils that turtles lost their teeth a very long time ago. Up to now the “youngest” known toothed turtle lived about 190 million years […]

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PROFAUNA News: Sea turtle conservation education at the coasts of Berau

PROFAUNA Borneo and Berau Marine Affairs and Fisheries Service have been busy visiting schools in the coast of Berau to educate students about sea turtle conservation. The programs carried out during October 2016 also involved the Turtle Foundation and its project partner for the implementation of the island protection program, BLB.

The education programs are […]

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PROFAUNA News: Officials seized hundreds of sea turtle shell-based souvenirs from market in Berau, East Kalimantan

Despite being strongly forbidden by law, sea turtle shell-based souvenirs are still widely sold in Berau, especially those made from the Hawksbill Sea Turtle’s shell. Our Indonesian partner organization PROFAUNA Borneo investigated Adji Dilayas Market, Berau, East Kalimantan, on 16 October and found eight shops selling large quantities of these illegal souvenirs.

The finding was […]

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Turtle Times: September 2016 newsletter from our team on Boavista, Cape Verde

Here you find the September issue of Turtle Times, the newsletter of our team on Boavista for download. Again, exciting reports about our ongoing project are awaiting you. These are the headlines:

MAVA Foundation visits Boa Vista: One of our main partners and sponsors visits our sea turtle conservation project.
Rescued Hatchlings: Another sad […]

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Boavista: Still high nesting numbers despite near end of season

After a rather silent start of this years’s nesting season of the loggerhead turtles on the beaches of Boavista in June we suddenly got big work to do: Turtles landed in high quantities every night on the beaches we are protecting on Boavista. Now it was to patrol the nesting beaches all night and […]

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Turtle Times: August 2016 newsletter from the Turtle Foundation team on Boavista, Cape Verde

Here you find the August issue of Turtle Times, the newsletter of our team on Boavista for download. Again, exciting reports about our ongoing project are awaiting you. These are the headlines:

Turtle Foundation party
First hatchlings!
A different way to help
Turtle Foundation friends – Natura 2000
Turtle Rescue
Volunteer arrivals
Edible plastic

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New speedboat for Turtle Foundation’s protection project on the Derawan islands

We purchased a new speedboat for our sea turtle protection project in the Derawan archipelago in the waters of eastern Borneo, Indonesia. The boat was urgently needed for the transportation of our rangers and logistic supply to and from our project islands Bilang-Bilangan and Mataha, where we continuously protect nesting beaches of the green […]

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4,600 poached sea turtle eggs confiscated in Tanjung Redeb, Borneo

Last Friday, 28 August, the police of Tanjung Redeb (District of Berau, East Borneo, Indonesia) provided an important blow against illegal sea turtle egg trade. The police confiscated about 4,600 turtle eggs and arrested a suspect who was about to prepare the eggs for further smuggling. The suspect is expecting considerable fines, and we […]

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Boavista: Disoriented turtle female rescued from danger of death by overheating

A few days ago was one of our teams on Boavista, which did the daily counts of nesting activities of the night ago (“morning census”) on the beach of Curral Velho, found a disoriented loggerhead sea turtle female that wandered around aimlessly in the dunes far from the sea. Obviously, after nesting in the […]

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